Leaving on a jetplane


The final challenge is to spend a portion of your time in another context, specifically 2% of the year. This equals out to about a week, and the focus should be outside of your normal realm of influence. We decided that we would like to serve outside of the U.S. Grant has never been on any type of service or mission trip. I’ve been on several and know what a dramatic impact they can have on your life. I’m SO excited to be able to share this type of experience with my husband!

We have a few ideas as to where we would go. We would love any suggestions, though, so feel free to comment! I’m always ready to return to Mexico, as that’s where my heart is. My good friend, Kate, her husband, and their 7 kids are in the Dominican Republic right now, so that’s another option. Check out their blog! http://blogs.mcc.us/grayfamily/

Going on a week long trip is going to be difficult, as we have to take vacation days from work, find childcare, etc. I hope to still be breastfeeding, so that’s another issue. Being away from the girls for that long will be tough.  Regardless of all the reasons I can come up with for not being able to go, I know the Lord can work it all out. We’re praying He presents us with an opportunity that coincides with where He wants us to give our money.


About radicalkeys

Grant and Kellee have been married for 12 years. They have 3 babes: 8, 4, and 1. At the end of 2011, they read Radical by David Platt. Both knew they needed to make some changes to put the Gospel ahead of the American Dream. This blog chronicled their 2012 Radical Experiment. As a result of that book, along with some other significant events, the Keys family moved to Mazatlán, México, in 2013 to serve with Back2Back Ministries. They are adopting 1 or 2 from Nicaragua!

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  1. One of my former teachers in high school who was also a former Deacon at my father’s church in Florida (Heritage Baptist Church) is planting churches and training pastors in Nicaragua. Our church has sent people down there before as they need help building churches and schools. I’m sure they would be flexible with dates. Let me know if you’d be interested. It’s definitely a real possibility. No pressure though! I hope you guys find a place that not only you can impact, but will also further impact you. These types of trips have that effect!

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