What’s next for us?


It’s been almost 3 months, since my last post. And, our lives have changed a great deal! First, our foster son is now in another placement. I think it will be quite some time, until I’m able to accurately describe what that experience meant for my family. I know the Lord will be revealing His purpose for those 9 months well into the future. We’re feeling a mixture of emotions but are confident that the Lord has His hand on that little life.

Our next bit of news is that Grant and I are returning to Mazatlan, Mexico, with our girls. After we returned from our previous trip there, Grant and I committed to praying about what the Lord may have for us regarding orphan care. We obviously were still fostering at that point but felt the Lord possibly moving us in another direction. After a few days (we thought this time of prayer would last months!), it was clear that the Lord wanted us to reach out to Back2Back, the ministry with whom we had partnered in Mazatlan. That led to setting up our upcoming trip. We’ll be there for two weeks, one week working alongside the current staff in Mazatlan. Then, one more week with a small group completing projects at the children’s homes. We pray that the Lord will give us (and the staff) clear confirmation about if the Keys family could have a future in Mazatlan.

What we want is to be on staff in Mazatlan. What we want more is to be where God wants us. Please pray!


About radicalkeys

Grant and Kellee have been married for 12 years. They have 3 babes: 8, 4, and 1. At the end of 2011, they read Radical by David Platt. Both knew they needed to make some changes to put the Gospel ahead of the American Dream. This blog chronicled their 2012 Radical Experiment. As a result of that book, along with some other significant events, the Keys family moved to Mazatlán, México, in 2013 to serve with Back2Back Ministries. They are adopting 1 or 2 from Nicaragua!

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