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Adoption Update


I realize it’s been almost three months since we announced our plan to adopt from Nicaragua. I’m reading through my journal and reminding myself of all the ways the Lord has worked and provided for us. On 8/12, I wrote…We continue to face resistance in the adoption process. Seems that everything that can go wrong does. I don’t want to give up at the first sign of trouble, but I also want to make sure we’re not forging ahead if You are closing doors. Do You want us to keep going? I asked for clear confirmation. I opened my devotional, and the key verse was from John 14:18: I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you. My second devotional that morning was titled “When You Want to Quit”–Among the weights to be thrown off is the fear that shrinks back in the face of suffering. The Christian must be in constant motion toward the goal despite opposition.

Time and again throughout this process, He has reminded us that He is WITH us and He is FOR us.

Since June, we’ve been busy with a LOT of paperwork. An international adoption process is time-consuming and difficult. Add to that our living in Mexico but adopting from Nicaragua, and it makes things that much more crazy. When people ask how things are going, the best way I can describe it is, “1/2 step forward, 10 steps back.” Every single action that we have attempted in our adoption process has met resistance. It has truly been an opposed process. But, God. He has been ever faithful, ever trustworthy, ever present.

In June and July, I spent close to 50 hours completing applications for different adoption grants. Soon after, I found out that many grant organizations would NOT allow our agency to receive grants for our family, due to a pending tax designation. It was a devastating blow, and I scarcely knew how we could continue with the process. Since then, God has provided more than $10,000 in generous gifts from friends and family to pay two agency fees. Also, the tax designation issue was resolved, and we received an adoption aid grant that will fully cover (!!!) our final agency fee, once we receive our potential match(es).

Grant and I had to obtain fingerprints as part of a pre-approval process from the US government to adopt a child from Nicaragua. We were having a terrible time finding a place in Mexico where we could complete the fingerprints. Over the course of about six weeks, I spoke with several US consulates in Mexico, the US embassy, several officials in the US, but no one could really give us much help. We were given two options: fly to Juarez and file our paperwork, go home, wait for approval, return to Juarez for our fingerprint appointments (separately) OR the exact same process in Mexico City. The flights, hotel costs, taxis, and time away from our kids/work were completely overwhelming. I resigned myself to one of these two terrible options but decided to make one last phone call, and He provided, yet again. I spoke with someone who, not only was kind and understanding of our situation, but gave us wonderful advice and agreed to schedule a fingerprint appointment for us at whatever office we chose. We were already planning a States trip and were able to complete our fingerprints AND all of our US paperwork for our dossier. (Our dossier is a huge pile of paperwork, each document notarized and apostilled, that Nicaragua requires us to complete, in order to adopt a child.)

Upon returning from our States trip, we still had the burden of obtaining notarizations and apostilles for all of our Mexican documents. This would prove infinitely harder and more costly. For example, having a document notarized here in Mexico costs about $50 per document, whereas in the States you can usually get something notarized for free. We did receive good news in that we could complete the apostille process in the capital city of our state of Sinaloa, rather than having to travel to Mexico City. We called the apostille office two times prior to going, in order to confirm exactly what was needed and how long it would take. But, once we arrived, we were given a list of additional items to be fulfilled (and paid for), prior to receiving the apostilles. Unfortunately, there was not enough time to complete the extra things now being asked of us, so we had to return a few days later. (10 hours total driving time, plus time sitting in various government offices)

Amidst all of this, every single paper that we needed was either delayed or seemingly vanished. We had to redo applications and return to offices multiple times (7 times for my visa). We would arrive to appointments to later find out we actually DID need documents that we were assured we would NOT need. We needed to print documents. Our printer suddenly stopped working. We went to Office Depot to print, but the text of our documents would be missing.

But, God. He orchestrated events, brought good out of what I deemed bad, and continually worked on our behalf, on behalf of our child(ren) in Nicaragua. And, as of yesterday, WE HAVE COMPLETED OUR DOSSIER!!! We sent our Mexican paperwork to our agency today. From there, it will travel to Nicaragua and be translated. According to the timeline given to us by our agency, translation and registration takes 4-6 months. At that point, our family will be considered for possible matches each month. The real waiting has begun.

From the beginning, this entire process has seemed far beyond our abilities or resources. We don’t know from where the remaining $12,000 we need to complete this process will come. We don’t know how we will manage the 10-20 week stay in Nicaragua. Grant will be there for the first few weeks but will then return to Mazatlan to work. I will remain in Nica for the duration of the child adaptation period with the new member(s) of our family, along with our other 3 children. Where we will live? What will we do about transportation? How will I not have a nervous breakdown trying to bond and attach with our new child(ren), as well as taking care of Ez, Eve, and Elias, BY MYSELF??? There is much unknown. But, God. His timing is perfect. He loves the orphan child far more than we. No matter what evil comes against us, He is in control.

Would you please pray…

  1. for protection of our paperwork as it goes from Mexico to the States to Nicaragua
  2. that Nicaragua would find our dossier complete with NO necessary modifications or additions

Once we receive a potential match, and review the limited medical information given, we will travel to Nicaragua within a few weeks at most. As we will not know WHEN we will receive a match, we’ll be booking our flights and lodging at the last minute. Through God’s provision, we received a $3,500 matching grant. Our estimated travel costs, including flights and the 10-20 week stay in Nicaragua, are $7,000. We would love to fully cover our travel and time in country through our matching grant!!! If you are interested in giving towards our adoption but haven’t had the chance, this is a perfect opportunity…your gift essentially doubles!

Go here Lifesong for Orphans. Click “Give to an Adoptive Family.” Complete the donation form and use 5489 for “Family Account Number.”

The next update will hopefully include our acceptance as an adoptive family by the Nicaraguan government. Stay tuned!!!